Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A note....

The show is done, the rain has started, and the solo cups are out.   The horses are tired and we are too.  It's been a long 3,4,5,6 days depending on from where you came so it's only fitting that a bit of celebrating take place.  Maybe it'll help get rid of that dust we ate.

For those of you loading out tonight, be safe.  For those of you who left early, we too hope you  made it where you were going safely. Those of you leaving tomorrow or later, god speed and a tailwind.

The quality of the horses was something to behold.  The quality of the competition was world class.  We were proud to be a part of it and contribue in a small way.

For those who volunteered with the online team, I can't say thank you enough.  

Adrienne Hulst, you made this blog and Facebook sing with your photos and video.  Mary and David Deicher, you stayed late and gave us great photos and video.  Stephanie Bermel and Sarah Barrett, you captured the spirit of the World Clydesdale Show through the eyes of the exhibitors, first timers and veterans alike.  Kuenn McClinton found the perfect set of photos that showed the emotional side of how Clydesdales can and do effect others.  Michelle Randolph, you are, exquisite.  Stefan Liess, "Herzlichen Dank!"  You shot beautiful, beautiful photos.  We are grateful you shared them with us through France Clyde, she was so fun to work with and meet.  France Clyde, "Merci mille fois, Mille fois merci".

I hope we can get the band back together and do this again sometime, it was fun!  If not, friend me on Facebook and for god's sake, get on Twitter!

To Dr. Linda Harmon-Dodge and Elise Singer.  You Will Pay.  Not today, not tomorrow but my friends, you will pay.  Thank you for getting us involved and covering our back.  We broke some dishes but we tried to patch them up before we left.  

Gary Nebergall, you continue to be a prince and I listen to you more than you'll ever know.

Finally, to my partner, my friend and my sister, Lisa Eller Nebergall:  You are my hero".  Dad would have been so proud.  Let's do it again, bigger and better but different, oh so very, very different.

Thank you Madison, thank you Wisconsin and thank you to all those who came and saw these magnificent horses!

Good night!

Jeff Eller

8 Horse Hitch

Eight Horse Hitch

Adult Under Saddle Walk, Trot

Adult Under Walk, Trot

Youth Cart

Youth Cart yrs

Open Tandem

Open Tandem

Registered Mare Four Horse Hitch

Registered Mare Four Horse Hitch

Cool Photo from last night!

Gelding/Stallion/Grade Mare Team

Gelding, Stallion or Grade Mare Team

Registered Mare Cart

Registered Mare Cart

The fun never stops.. never even slows down...even when you leave WCS.

Check out this photo of this crew after they left Madison this morning!

Supreme Halter Horse-Best of Breed

“Donegal Dr. Pepper"

Bob & Laura Gookin

Champion Foal

Jim Goodfellow -- “T.F.C. Fusilier’s Spice”

Behind the Scenes at the WCS

A behind the scenes look as horses leave the arena and others enter as they prepare to be judged in their class.

Supreme Six Horse Hitch Video from Day 2

Junior Team

Junior Team

Not So Junior Driver Team

Not So Junior Driver Team

Amateur Owner Team

Amatuer Owner Team

Ladies Team

Ladies Team

Senior Showmanship 14-18 years

Senior Showmanship yrs

Day 2 Photos from Adrienne Hulst!

Last night....

...Kuenn McClinton was out and about, looking for interesting photos and individuals.  He came across this young woman who was one of the most enthusiastic Clydesdale fans!  And, she really enjoyed meeting "Brewer", the official Dog of the Budweiser 8-Horse Hitch!

We had a lot of interest in the riding classes...

and the Facebook comments could leave a sensitive individual like me to think the riding crowd was concerned them the online team was shorting them.

Far from the truth so to prove our love of Clydesdales under saddle, here's a video from Stephanie Bermel of the Adult English Riding class!

Day 2 Photos from Mary and David Deicher!

Junior Showmanship 10-13 years

Youth Decorating yrs

Youth Decorating 10-13 years

Youth Decorating yrs

Youth Decorating 14-18 years

Youth Decorating yrs

Here's some great Day 2.. from around show courtesy of Kuenn McClinton!

Bit 'em down and check 'em up...Day 3 is underway!

Good morning all from sunny and brisk Madison, WI.  We're in our third and final day at the National Clydesdale Show.

Judging has started with the youth decorating class and the remainder of the day looks like the following:

Jr. Showmanship Halter
Sr. Showmanship Halter
Ladies Team (Mares or Geldings)
Amateur/Owner Team
65+ Driver – Team
Junior Team


2:00pm Champion Foal
Supreme Halter Horse Award
Registered Mare Cart
Gelding/Grade Mare Team
Registered Mare Four
Open Tandem
Youth Driver Cart
Adult – Walk Trot Riding
Open Eight Hitch

We'll start you off with this great photo too!